The Canadian Auction College ~ Canada's Leading Auction College,Taught by World Champion Auctioneers

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This leading, current and professional auction school is offered with the co-operation of award winning World Champion auctioneers including: 

Barb Richards (Owner/President of Canadian Auction College)

Krista Richards
Frank Stapleton
Pat McDonough
Jim Snider
Vernon Bailey
Michel "Hoss" Bertrand
John McKenzie
John Van Klaveren
Phil Faulkner
...and other guest auctioneers and speakers

It is the goal of this course to give you professional bid calling
coaching and practice, and combine it with the leading auction administration skills required in this exciting industry.


MARCH 21 - 26, 2020
 in Barrie, Ontario 

For more information, contact:
Barb Richards

Do you watch the Auction shows on TV and think - I could do that! 
That looks exciting! 
I want to do that! 
Well, you can! 

...By attending the Canadian Auction College we train you to be an Auctioneer and give you all the insights to the behind the scenes of the auction industry, the ins and outs of auctions in Canada (taught by Canadian & World Champion Award Winning Auctioneers), the laws and guidelines, provincial and federal laws for auctions, setting up computerized systems for your auctions, online bidding, websites, types of auctions (storage, machinery, auto, charity/fundraising, consignment, farm, contract, etc), auction lingo and so much more.  

The Canadian Auction College is proud to present the ADESA Auction Academy, premier auction education for ADESA Canada, Canada's largest automotive auction provider:  ADESA provides wholesale vehicle auction solutions to professional car buyers and sellers.

Watch our video below to see a sample of the
Canadian Auction College Graduation from August 2012.


To offer the best auction school experience, class sizes are limited. 
Call today to ensure your space in our upcoming classes.

Watch for details about our upcoming Continuing Education & Auction Administration Courses.