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Message from the Founders:

"I am proud to be an auctioneer in our great country. It will be my pleasure and privilege to help start you on your way to your successful auction career. Our cutting edge program is designed to be a rewarding learning experience for you. Welcome to the Canadian Auction College - Are you ready?"
Barb Richards - Auctioneer & Instructor


"Since 1971 I have enjoyed the most exciting profession in the world. I have been an Auction Instructor since 1985 and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. I know you'll enjoy this exciting and comprehensive program...See you at the Canadian Auction College."
Frank Stapleton - Auctioneer & Instructor


Barb Richards (Owner/President of Canadian Auction College)
Krista Richards - World Champion & New York State Champion Auctioneer
Frank Stapleton - World Champion Auctioneer
Pat McDonough - Automobile Auctioneer & Ringman
Jim Snider - Automobile Auctioneer & Ringman
Vernon Bailey - Ontario Champion Auctioneer
Michel "Hoss" Bertrand - World Champion Auctioneer
John McKenzie - Professional Auctioneer
John Van Klaveren - Award Winning Professional Auctioneer
Joyce Van Klaveren - Auction Support & Administration Consultant
Phil Faulkner - Award Winning Auto Auctioneer
...and other guest auctioneers

We hope to see you soon!

For more detailed information about this exciting career and how you can get started today, contact:

Barb Richards



For the absolute best program to practice your bid calling, Virtual Auction can help - this is an auction training software developed to assist auctioneers (new and old) in honing their skills. The software was designed (by a champion Auctioneer) to allow users to practice their chant using a virtual auction environment.  An important thing to remember that we will teach you - is to practice, practice, practice!