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I would consider the last five days of this course to be a transformational experience.  From start to finish the undertone has been motivational, positive, encouraging, 100% healthy.  All the key elements necessary for learning.  Your classmates become your support group, your cheerleaders, your lifelong friends.  
There is an authenticity to the delivery of the content which is directly attributable to Barb and her well chosen team.  

The easiest way to put it is they CARE.  The teachers each have successes in the industry.  They love what they do, and they enthusiastically share their knowledge and experience. I have never been so excited to launch forward and to fulfil a dream of running the first J.C. Miller Antiques Live Auction.
Five days ago this was wishful thinking.  This course has made me a believer.  
Ethan Miller - Auctioneer
Ontario (Graduate of August 2016 Class)

I strongly encourage you to take this course if you ever wanted to pursue a career in the auction industry.  Coming from an industrial auction background, it gave me a greater understanding and appreciation for other types of auctions such as cars and estates/antiques.  Regardless of what 
types of auctions you are into, the skills taught at the Canadian Auction College are transferable.  I personally had already auctioned at a few sales prior to the course, but, it allowed me to fine tune my chant, correct any errors and ultimately guide me towards becoming a better auctioneer.

The instructors were fantastic and I am very happy with my results.
B.J. Winning - Auctioneer
Ontario (Graduate of August 2016 Class)


As a recent graduate of the Canadian Auction College I can tell you first and foremost that it was an absolute pleasure to have pursued and attended this program.  Also, to have had the honour of meeting and being taught by some of Canada's leading and innovative auctioneers 
and professionally related staff.  

Even though I personally came from an auction background I didn't realize how much I didn't know yet.  At first it seemed a little overwhelming with all the drills and public speaking but the instructors made myself and the other classmates feel so comfortable and relaxed that we all quickly 
overcame ourselves which made learning and participating fun and exciting. 

The quality and quantity of information, knowledge and experience that they were able and willing to share with us makes this program invaluable to anyone looking to get into the auction field as a whole.  

The combination of hands on, live participation and book-work could not have made this program any better.  Coming out of this program I am confident in my abilities to pursue a career as an auctioneer and would recommend anyone to attend. 
Michael Rattan - Auctioneer
Ontario (Graduate of August 2016 Class)


Are you ready for the greatest week of your life?  If your answer is yes, then you will want to attend the Canadian Auction College.  The instructors have the ability for you to learn while having a lot of fun.  You will learn all about various opportunities within the auction business.  

You will also make a lot of new friends.  If you are ready for the first day of the rest of your life plan to attend the Canadian Auction College.  You won't regret it.  
Doug Schaefer - Auctioneer
Ontario (Graduate of August 2016 Class)


After becoming unemployed unexpectedly after 20 years in the sales profession, I had to make a decision on what my future career plans would be. I’ve been attending auctions for the past 3 years and have been buying and selling items so I knew this was my passion.
I just had to find a way to make a living at it. That is what lead me to the Canadian Auction College.

I have so many good things to say about my experience at the Canadian Auction College I hardly know where to start. After reviewing my week there, the experience was even more than I expected! I read many reviews and contacted past graduates before registering
to attend and in the end it exceeded my expectations by miles.

The main understanding right from day one is becoming an auctioneer is so much more about the “chant”. This could not be truer and I have a new appreciation of what an auctioneer does and how they work hard every day to become better at what they do, including their chant.

For myself, the course was important as I am starting a new auction business. The Canadian Auction College takes you behind the scenes and explains and describes exactly what needs to be done to make an auction business run smoothly from the back end out.
It covers all aspects of the auction business and the Canadian Auction College provides very current information as to the software that is being used as well as describing from start to finish how to run a live and online auction.

The guest speakers and championship auctioneers that participate as part of the training program are top notch and all of them offer a slightly different perspective on how they run their own auction businesses. I found this most helpful and all of the auctioneers and
other speakers were very open to answering any and all questions we had about their businesses as well as the auction business as a whole. All of the guests were loved what they do and it was easy to see that and feel their energy as they spoke. I enjoyed the
CPPAG and real estate guests as well as it is all related to the auction business and ads an additional revenue streams to your business. I learned how to take some of the items that have made them so successful and apply it to my own business back in
New Brunswick.

The field trips to the cattle auction, auto auctions were amazing! Coming from a smaller city, I had never attended a cattle auction and the car auction I had been to in Moncton was 15 times smaller than the one we visited. It was also nice to know that a few past graduates
are working at this particular auto auction. I particularly enjoyed our visit to a home that had not been staged yet for an online auction and seeing the process of how this is done. I also enjoyed seeing a house that had everything lotted before the online auction began.
Seeing the before and after was wonderful!

There are many repetitive number drills which helped us very much. We did some role playing and tongue twisters. As the week moves along you understand why these drills are so important in developing flow in your chant. The people I met at the course came from all
different backgrounds and from different areas of Canada. It was nice to see what businesses they are involved in and I know I will take away life-long friends from this course as well as many valuable contacts in the auction industry.

All of the staff was wonderful and I am extremely happy that I made the decision to attend the Canadian Auction College. I truly believe anyone wanting to start out in the auction industry should attend this course. Whether it is simply to learn to chant to work with
another auctioneer or if you want to start your own auction business from the ground up, attending this course should be the first thing on your “to do” list!!

Thank you Canadian Auction College for giving me the best start possible in my future career as an auctioneer!!
Matthew Allen - Auctioneer
New Brunswick (Graduate of August 2014 Class)


Dear Future Auctioneer:
The instructors at the Canadian Auction College are all currently in the industry.  They are informed, ethical professionals that use encouragement and humour as their tools.
Being exposed to industry professionals provided us with a wealth of knowledge.  We attended several auctions as well.  We were provided an excellent overview of the auction industry.  The sooner you take this course the sooner you too can start building a rewarding career. 

Tracey Hunt – Auctioneer (Graduate of August 2012 Class)


Dear Future Auctioneer:
If you are looking for a life changing experience that will open your eyes to all the opportunities that lay ahead in the auction industry, then the Canadian Auction College is for you.  I came into this program with very limited knowledge of the auction business and as I leave I am charged with a new enthusiasm and outlook on a great career ahead.  Do yourself a favour, give the Canadian Auction College a call.  The sky is the limit!

Casey White – Auctioneer (Graduate of August 2012 Class)


Dear Future Auctioneer:

I am a graduate, and loved every moment of this course.  The other graduates in this course were very great to work with, it make my experience of this course a whole lot better.  Every morning waking up and heading to class knowing that Jack Brown was going to start us off was the best start to the day.  Being able to listen to all the different auctioneers and being able to go see the live auctions opened my mind to more than just livestock auctions.  The live auction at the end was a great experience for the new auctioneers.  Raising money for the Senior Wish Association and the Barrie Food Bank was the best experience of the course, because as Barb told us “You’re never too old to make a wish”.  I think anyone that is into auctions or selling things needs to take it to the next level and go to Auctioneer School. 

Tyler Heibein – Auctioneer (Graduate of August 2012 Class)


Dear Future Auctioneer:
What I would like you to know as a prospective student is that although the course is not a legal requirement, the industry expects and respects it of you.  The amazing contacts you make through your instructors, speakers and fellow students is absolutely priceless!
I very much enjoyed the life-changing adventure of the Canadian Auction College.

Jim Beere – Auctioneer (Graduate of August 2012 Class)


Dear Future Auctioneer:
If you are hesitating at all about taking this course, let me assure you that as a full-time teacher and lifelong learner, I can honestly say this has been one of the most valuable (and absolute favourite) courses that I have ever taken.
I am so excited to be a part of this thriving industry.  I love that there are so many avenues that I can and will explore.
What resonated with me the most was that although there definitely is a lot of money to be made, more importantly there are so many way s that we can help others and give back.
Barb and Krista Richards uphold a strong integrity in who they are and what they do to give back.  I am so fortunate to have met and learned from them, and the world is a better place because of them.
When I began this course I wasn’t sure about the industry, but now I know that I absolutely have a place here, the sky’s the limit to what I will do.

Mikaela Linketter – Auctioneer (Graduate of August 2012 Class)

Dear Future Student:

This course is a 10 out of 10!  The instructors (Barb, Krista, Frank and Vernon) have a wealth of knowledge and share it with you in a fun and action filled environment.  They make you feel comfortable at all times, and practice what they preach about professionalism, ethics, honesty, and caring.  Their enthusiasm is infectious and it shows in the enthusiasm of my fellow classmates.  The knowledge you acquire over the course prepares you to go out immediately and be a successful auctioneer, if you follow their principles and goals at all times.  The handbook is an invaluable tool.  Do it now if you have been sitting on the sidelines.  This school is the best and only 100% is good enough for them!

Marshall – Class of Winter 2011.


Dear Future Student;

If you’re looking for an informative and action packed week, you’re looking in the right place!  This has been one of the best weeks of my life.  I’ve learned more in this week than I thought I could.  Barb and Krista Richards and Frank Stapleton were the best instructors anyone could ask for.  They were all so full of knowledge and compassionate and caring.  This course has given me the knowledge, motivation and confidence to go home and pursue my auction career, and I know it will do the same for you.  Good luck, and have fun!!!

Deborah S – Class of Winter 2011 


These are comments taken from the students attending the Canadian Auction College to prospective students.  We have also included comments from student evaluations of the program. 



I highly recommend this professional and positive program.  This is truly a program created to improve auctioneers by providing emphasis on ethics, values and professionalism



I loved every minute that I spent at the Canadian Auction College.  The course was both extensive and inclusive and I believe it represented excellent value for the money spent whilst instilling and reinforcing professionalism and ethical behavior at all times.  I am so happy that I chose to attend the Canadian Auction College.  The auctioneer instructors have conveyed a true passion for their craft and I am excited to be joining this select group of individuals..



So you want to learn the worlds oldest profession*.  The Canadian Auction College is the place to start.. In all honesty the course is very intense.  It is like drinking water from a fire hose. You will only get out what you put into it.. but if you have the drive and determination the Canadian Auction College will give you the tools you need to succeed.

* We believe auctioneering is the worlds second oldest profession, but we wanted to use Duanes wording!